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There are several street modifications that can change the handling, speed, and appearance of a vehicle. Perhaps one of the best known is the inclusion of nitrous oxide injectors. Nitrous is popularly included in video games or movies, showing drivers pressing a button to cause massive outbursts of speed at the cost of control. In reality, while nitrous use does increase the performance of an engine, it does not cause an engine to explode into extreme speeds which are impossible for a driver to rein in.The introduction of nitrous oxide to an engine drastically increases engine performance. While air regularly contains a certain amount of oxygen for a combustion engine to work with, nitrous oxide can provide over a 10 percent increase in available oxygen consumption. This means that an engine can work harder in a shorter period of time, giving the vehicle increased speeds.As with any street modification, legality depends on local and state laws, and modifications are still subject to emissions laws. While nitrous oxide modifications are fairly popularly included in heavily worked-on cars, certain communities may not appreciate their use or installation. Check with both local and state authorities to determine whether a specific modification is allowed or not.Although nitrous is not nearly as dangerous as popular media makes it out to be, it is still perilous in the wrong hands. An inexperienced driver who is not accustomed to unusual speeds or a driver who uses nitrous oxide on highways to break the speed limit can pose a threat to other drivers. However, engines will not explode due to nitrous oxide use, and the chemical is not an inherent danger to humans. It can even be used as an anesthetic by doctors and dentists, more commonly under the name of laughing gas.

Buddy Club, One Stop Solution to All Your Car Modification Needs – Cars Modification

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