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In this article I’m hoping to answer the question that some people are not too sure about, is car modification for me? There are many different types of modifications you can do to your car including alloy wheels, interior mods, body kits, tinted windows, and loads more. In my personal opinion I think you can make your car suit your own personal style with just a few tasteful mods and small tweaks here and there, you don’t need to go and get huge spoilers and massive body kits to get noticed although some people do like this kind of styling I just don’t think its necessary. The first thing I would do when setting out to mod a car would be to see what sort of products and goodies are out there for your car and then because you have seen what is available you can put together a picture in your head of what you would like your car to end up looking like. Some other important things to think about when picking modifications is what you will be using the vehicle for or the amount of use that vehicle gets.For example if you have a car that needs to be used for every day driving to and from work over various road conditions sometimes with heavy loads you wouldn’t want to lower the car too much as the extra weight would affect how the car handles as well as the ride being compromised all these things need to be thought about before you do anything to your car because what might seem like a good idea one minute will bite you in the arse a few months down the line. Outrageous modification might also cause problems when it comes to selling the vehicle just think when you’re trying to sell something you want the biggest market possible and I know for a fact that not everyone like rides slammed to the ground on 20″ rims. So if possible make the mods subtle or even keep the old parts you replace and simply swap them back when you’re ready to sell.The only way to tell if car modification is for you is to try it out maybe you have just got your first car and you want to change it up a bit or maybe you have just got a car you have been longing after for some time and want to switch it up a bit, my advice would be to start small. Alloys wheels really change the look of the car giving it a much more aggressive look and feel they will also help you stay stuck to the road with a wider contact area for your rubber. If you look around you can find some good deals out there so it won’t cripple your bank account. Once you have the wheels on your ride you might decide that is it, it looks the dogs or you might think ‘oh its not quite what I was looking for maybe I’ll just……’, what I’m trying to say is don’t rush into it you could get in above your head and not only could you lose a substantial amount money but you could also ruin your car which could result in all sorts of problems.If you’re looking at a particular car to be your first car modification experience you should log on to some forums, there are loads out there ranging from small tuning mods to full on totally modified custom rides. There is something out there for everyone and you’ll normally find a lot of people on these forums that will be willing to help you, give you great tips and tricks and really help you get your head around what you want to achieve. I remember when I got my first car (escort MK4) I wanted to ‘kit it up a bit’ but I really wish I had someone or even better a group of people to talk it over with, it just make things a little easier and things will normally run a little smoother if you take your time. If you are reading this then I’m almost 100% sure there is some sort of car modification that will interest you in some way or another so go forth and modify. I hope this has helped you understand why and what car modification is about after all there are many ways to mod a car were not all just boy racers but still want to show the world what we are about through our cars.