HHO Gas Water Car Modification – Double Your Gas Mileage – Cars Modification

If you are sick of paying four bucks a gallon for gas and getting poor gas mileage then there is a new alternative that has been a real big gas saver. HHO Gas Modification can double your gas mileage when added to your car – one of the best environmentally friendly items that you can put on your car to burn clean gas and water mix fuel. HHO is revolutionizing the way to get great fuel economy and with gas going up every day, this product can save you a lot of money in fuel prices.The average fuel cost per driver is now over one thousand dollars a year and that amount will be going up as our dependency of oil keeps growing. Gas has historically gone up and then fallen back down in price but now with the price of oil being bid up it seems like we are now experiencing a shift in economy.It would be nice to not have to go to the pump so often and get gas mileage that you never could imagine possible. It is time for you to take control over the mileage you get with your car by considering a HHO Conversion. The system is proven and will help you obtain a means of transportation that is affordable and green.Remember that using a HHO Conversion Kit will help deter high fuel pricing and you will also be reducing the harmful gases that pollute our environment every day. Make a difference for you and family today by doubling your gas mileage.

Car Insurance Quote Tip – Always Disclose Complete Info About Your Car Modifications – Cars Modification

Many individuals get frustrated at the reluctance of the insurance policy to honor claims despite the paperwork being done properly. Well, never make the mistake of thinking that the insurance claim is decided on the basis of the completion of procedures after the accident has taken place. You will also have to consider each and every change made to the vehicle after the insurance policy was paid for and obtained.Why should you check out a car insurance quote on the internet after you have added a spoiler to your vehicle? Well, if the spoiler reduces the ground clearance of the vehicle, it will automatically increase the risk of damage to the body in the event of an impact with the ground. The spoiler may crack or be break and damage other parts of the vehicle. Simply put, does the presence of the spoiler increase the risk of damage as compared to a vehicle that does not have such a spoiler attached? If the answer is yes, the impact on your automobile insurance policy will be immediate.Not specifying this information to your insurance company when obtaining the policy is obviously going to affect your ability to file a claim. What if you make this change after you have obtained the insurance policy? Well, the policy terms and conditions clearly specify that any change to the vehicle that changes the risk borne by the insurance company must be intimated well in advance. Simply put, the insurance company should have a choice of accepting or rejecting the change in risk caused by your modification.Would you enter into a deal with a person where you bear the liability irrespective of the other parties conduct? Obviously not. You would obviously seek to be informed of any and every change that takes place. Once you adopt this approach and make your plan, you will realize that making random changes to the vehicle to improve its appearance is never a good thing.If you want to reduce the impact on the car insurance quote, you should try to balance the change by adding security features or using some other option that will reduce the overall insurance premium. This may lead to extra expenditure in the short term but will ensure that your insurance policy claim is not rejected due to lack of disclosure of essential information. Proper formal communication is a must whenever you make changes to your vehicle.